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Join Us:

We are always open to enquiries from people wishing to join our lab  Please check the Francis Crick Institute website or contact us for further information.

We are always looking for highly motivated Post-docs to join the lab. If you are curious about host-pathogen interaction in either Plasmodium falciparum or Toxoplasma, send a CV and a letter about your research interest and we can get the conversation going. We often have fully funded positions becoming available over a course of one year, so getting in touch early is advised. We also welcome people with a competitive track record who would like to join us in a position that is supported by an external fellowship, for which Moritz well help write the application. Several lab members have been successful in applying for external fellowships in the past.

PhD Students may apply to the lab through the Gulbenkian IBB PhD Programme.

Applications open well before the start date and we do not accept students outside of the programme.

The IGC is not a teaching institute, but we occasionally host Masters and Undergraduate students from other institutions for their thesis project. Students that are interested in this should contact Moritz directly about this possibility.

Summer Students may apply to the lab through the IGC Summer School. Being a summer student is a great way to get some hand-on experience of lab research. You will find it is very different to university teaching labs, and is particularly useful for you to decide if you want to continue in research after your degree.


Liz Cheng, undergraduate Summer Student 2019

This summer at the Crick has been the most rewarding summer internship I've done. I was able to use my knowledge to contribute towards the discovery of something new - like a real scientist.

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