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We believe that all our research should be accessible to those who need it and to those who have funded it - i.e. all taxpayers. We have tried to publish our work Open Access where possible, however if you are not able to access any of our publications, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a copy for personal use.

The Francis Crick Institute, where we are based, and many of our funders are signatories to Plan S, which will require that all work is published with immediate open access from January 2021.

Publications from the lab on PubMed can be found here, and in the panel below.

Pre-prints from the lab on bioRxiv can be found here. Selected pre-prints are additionally archived below.

Davies, Belda, et al.: An exported kinase family mediates species-specific erythrocyte remodelling and virulence in human malaria. Preprint 2019.

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